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Internationalization of Higher Education, Historical Perspective

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The intentional process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions and delivery of postsecondary education, in order to enhance the quality of education and research for all students and staff and to make a meaningful contribution to society.


One can argue that higher education by its nature always has been international, either in the concept of universal knowledge or in the movement of students and scholars. Altbach (1998) refers to the university as an institution that is global by nature and history. Kerr (1994) states that universities are essentially international but at the same time acknowledge that “they have been living, increasingly, in a world of nation-states that have designs on them” (p. 6). As de Wit and Merkx (2012, p. 43, see also de Wit 2002, pp. 3–18) remark, references to the global nature of universities...

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