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The School of Thought of Norberto Bobbio in Brazil

  • Celso LaferEmail author
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Norberto Bobbio (1909–2004) has a significant intellectual presence in Brazil with emphasis on the spheres of legal and political theory. These are linked to his academic trajectory as a highly distinguished Italian professor in these areas, and also to his exemplarity as a public figure, committed to democracy in the political landscape of his country. To claim there is a fully fledged School of Thought of Bobbio in Brazil would be too much, such as the one that can be identified in Italy where his followers continue to discuss and elaborate his methods, ideas, and visions of law and politics. Yet, there is a considerably important and lasting reception of his thought and intellectual presence in Brazil.

This reception has been endowed with authority. Auctoritas derives from the Latin verb, augere, to augment. In this sense, the steady increase of books by Bobbio, adequately translated into Portuguese and readily available in Brazil, as well as the interest these have...

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