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Lippmann, Horst

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Horst Lippmann (May 7th, 1931 in Dresden, Germany; †August 9th, 2008 in Sitia, Crete, Greece) was a mathematician and professor with the focus on continuum mechanics.Open image in new window


From 1949 Horst Lippmann studied pure mathematics and theoretical physics at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald. In 1955 he was awarded the title Dr.rer.nat. as student of the topologist W. Rinow.

Professional Career

In 1957 Lippmann transferred to Hannover where he became Privatdozent in 1961. The TH Braunschweig appointed him as full professor of mechanics (1965). In 1971 he was appointed as full professor of mechanics and mechanics of materials at the TH Karlsruhe. From 1975 until his retirement in 1996, Lippmann headed the Institute A of Mechanics at the Technical University of Munich and the Staatliches Materialprüfamt für den Maschinenbau as successor of Heinz Neuber.

Scientific Achievements and Honors

Horst Lippmann’s scientific focus was on plastomechanics of metal...

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