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Neuber, Heinz August Paul

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Heinz Neuber (November 22nd, 1906 in Stettin, German Empire; †November 18th, 1989 in Bad Wörishofen, Germany) was a mechanical engineer and professor with the focus on continuum mechanics.Open image in new window

Family and Education

His father Hermann Neuber was a surveyor in Leverkusen. From 1925 until 1929, Neuber studied mechanical engineering at the TH Berlin and TH Munich. In Munich he became assistant of Ludwig Föppl, who was professor of mechanics. In 1932 Neuber obtained his PhD in engineering with a thesis on problems involving axisymmetric stress states for which he proposed his famous three-function ansatz allowing the description of the 3D displacement field by a combination of three potential functions. The elegance of this approach resides on its capability to compute stresses and displacements without integration. The main part of his thesis was published in Neuber (1934). The solution scheme bears similarities to the one developed independently by P. Papkovich. In...

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