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Arutyunyan, Nagush Khachaturovich

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Nagush Khachaturovich Arutyunyan (November 10th, 1912 in Yerevan, Russian Empire; †January 18, 1993 in Moscow, Russian Federation) was a scientist in the field of Elasticity, Creep Theory and Mechanics of Growing Solids. His scientific interests covered various branches of Mechanics. He developed original theory of creep of inhomogeneous ageing solids and created a new scientific direction: the mathematical theory of growing solids.


Nagush Khachaturovich Arutyunyan was born in 1912 in Yerevan. For many years he lived with his grandfather – the famous historian Leo, whose huge scientific figure inspired respect for study and science, cultivated diligence in the young man. In 1930 N. Kh. Arutyunyan entered one of the most reputable universities of the country – the Kuibyshev Military-Engineering Academy (Moscow). After graduation in 1936 with a degree of engineer and hydrobuilder, he returned to...

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