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2019 Edition
| Editors: Sami Chatti, Luc Laperrière, Gunther Reinhart, Tullio Tolio

Statistical Process Control

  • Marcello ColledaniEmail author
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An analytical approach developed to continuously improve the quality of the output of manufacturing processes and systems.

Extended Definition

SPC helps in detecting, identifying, and eliminating unpredictable sources of variability in the process. Moreover, it helps monitoring the process by issuing signals whenever deviations from in-control conditions are detected. Statistical control charts are the basic tools to implement SPC in manufacturing processes.

SPC plays a key role in Six Sigma quality control implementations. It has been successfully applied both to continuous manufacturing (e.g., chemical processes) and to discrete part manufacturing (e.g., automotive, semiconductor, mechanical component production). Their applications have now moved far beyond manufacturing into engineering, environmental science, biology, genetics, epidemiology, medicine, and finance.

SPC only deals with the...

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