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Structural Analysis

  • Mikel Zatarain
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The process of evaluation of the stresses and of the distortion of a mechanical structure when submitted to load constraints.

Theory and Application

In the machine building industry, the most frequently used materials have an isotropic behavior. For these materials, some geometrically simple structures can be analyzed by analytical methods, what means to integrate the Hooke’s law for isotropic materials in the structure domain. Hooke’s law for these materials can be written as (Young and Budynas 2001):
$$ \kern0.5em \left[\begin{array}{c}{\varepsilon}_{xx}\\ {}{\varepsilon}_{yy}\\ {}{\varepsilon}_{zz}\\ {}{\varepsilon}_{yz}\\ {}{\varepsilon}_{zx}\\ {}{\varepsilon}_{xy}\end{array}\right]=\frac{1}{E}\left[\begin{array}{cccccc}1& -v& -v& 0& 0& 0\\ {}-v& 1& -v& 0& 0& 0\\ {}-v& -v& 1& 0& 0& 0\\ {}0& 0& 0& 1+v& 0& 0\\ {}0& 0& 0& 0& 1+v& 0\\ {}0& 0& 0& 0& 0& 1+v\end{array}\right]\ \left[\begin{array}{c}{\sigma}_{xx}\\...
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