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Fine Finishing of Holes

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Fine finishing of holes or reaming process belongs to the high-precision machining processes and is aimed to fabricate boreholes of high quality to serve engineering fits. The reaming process especially improves the surface roughness, diameter, and form tolerance of a borehole, whereas the hole location will not necessarily be effected. In preparation of the reaming process, the holes have to be predrilled or core drilled. The process can be divided into round and profile reaming.

Theory and Application


Fine finishing of holes was introduced to ensure fits to mating of two mechanical components as either clearance, interference, or transition fit (ISO 286-1, ISO 286-2, ISO-R286 and ANSI B4.2-1978). Besides the multi-flute fine finishing tools were known for a long time, the guiding principles for single-blade reamers were inspired by the concept of deep hole drilling application with auto-guiding...

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