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2019 Edition
| Editors: Sami Chatti, Luc Laperrière, Gunther Reinhart, Tullio Tolio

Facility Planning

  • Hans-Peter WiendahlEmail author
  • Peter Nyhuis
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Facility planning is the process of planning a factory from the first idea up to the start of production. The process is systematic and task oriented, structured in phases, and carried out with methods and tools (after VDI 5200).

Facility planning can also concern any adjustment following later in the regular operation. The process may have different causes and also contain different planning cases. The tasks can be processed in the form of projects and steered by means of methods of project management by a team (after VDI 5200).

Theory and Application


Facility planning developed step by step during the course of the industrial development. A rigid division of work was predominant in the first mechanical factories around the year 1900. Due to the central drive systems, using steam engines and transmission belts, the machines had to be placed together very closely. A directed flow of material according to...

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