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Schaudinn, Fritz (1871–1906)

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Fritz Richard Schaudinn was a German zoologist, who contributed several well-known and important insights in the world of free-living and parasitic protozoans, as well as on bacteria. Together with the medical practitioner Erich Hoffmann he discovered the agents of syphilis ( Treponema = syn. Spirochaeta pallida) in the year 1905, which were mentioned before the publication of John Siegel for a flagellate which he named Cytohyctes lues. Just before his early death due to a laboratory infection he detected that the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica was the agent of the amoebic diarrhea. His observations on the life cycle of Plasmodium species (done in 1901 in Rovinj, Croatia, on demand of the Berlin Health Authorities) confirmed the results of  Rossand Grassi. In April 1906, he got a position at the Hamburg Tropical Institute, but his death already at the end of June 1906 stopped his enormous scientific research work. He founded in the year 1902 the journal “Archiv für Protistenkunde,”...
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