Encyclopedia of Robotics

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| Editors: Marcelo H. Ang, Oussama Khatib, Bruno Siciliano

Mining Robotics

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Mining robotics refers to the full automation, semiautomation, or remote control of mining equipment, including both fixed and mobile machines, toward improving the feasibility, safety, productivity, and efficiency of modern mining operations.

Overview and Challenges

Mining is the practice of extracting minerals and other valuable materials from the Earth’s crust – or, in future, possibly from extraterrestrial bodies – to the benefit of humankind. Modern mining operations involve heavily mechanized processes that employ large diesel-driven, hydraulic, and/or electrically actuated equipment. What is more, these industrial machines must operate in harsh, dynamic, and uncertain natural environments that may also pose persistent physical and health risks to humans. Thus, the use of robotics in mining is not only about the...

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