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Navigation for Underwater Vehicles

  • Liam PaullEmail author
  • Mae Seto
  • Sajad Saeedi
  • John J. Leonard
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Accurate navigation is vital for the safety and effectiveness of AUV missions. AUVs are now being used for a variety of tasks, including oceanographic surveys, demining, and bathymetric data collection in marine and riverine environments. Accurate location information is essential to ensure the utility of the gathered data for these applications, for example, to ensure adequate coverage a desired area for mapping missions, with no gaps.

Underwater vehicle navigation is challenging compared with terrestrial applications due to the unavailability of GPS and to the unique physics of sensing in the marine environment. Above water, most autonomous systems rely on radio or spread-spectrum communications and global positioning. However, electromagnetic signals attenuate rapidly underwater, and therefore acoustic waves are needed to achieve long-range sensing or communication. The propagation of acoustic signals underwater can be notoriously complex (Medwin and Clay, 1998), with...


Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) Ultrashort Baseline (USBL) Survey Vehicle One-way Travel Time (OWTT) Acoustic Modem 
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