Liquid Crystalline Conjugated Polymers

  • Matti KnaapilaEmail author
  • Roman Stepanyan
  • Andrew P. Monkman
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Main-chain-type liquid crystalline conjugated polymers and supramolecules are discussed as hairy-rod-type polymers with rigid main chain and flexible covalently bonded side chains and as hairy-rod-type supramolecules with physically bonded side chains. Thanks to the rigid main chain these materials show both thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline (LC) state which allows their facile macroscopic alignment leading to anisotropic optical and electrical properties. This chapter is a brief overview on this materials class with illustrative examples including polyfluorene, polypyridine, and polythiophene.


Conjugated polymers Hairy-rod polymers Hairy-rod supramolecules Liquid Crystallinity Alignment Polyfluorene Polypyridine Polythiophene 


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