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Optical Inspection

  • Aarief Syed-Khaja
  • Miriam Rauer
  • Joerg FrankeEmail author
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Optical inspection methods detect failures by a nominal-actual value comparison. Two different methods are developed for individual fields of application: the solder paste inspection (SPI) and the automatic optical inspection (AOI). SPI is the optical inspection of the printed solder paste on the circuit board after the solder paste printing process. AOI is a test method for process monitoring and quality control in electronics production.

Theory and Application

Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

Theory: Solder paste inspection (SPI), also called automated solder paste inspection, in-line solder paste inspection, or 3D solder paste inspection, is a quality assurance method developed as part of the quality management system for the optical inspection of the printed solder paste in electronics production. The inspection may be completely automated and integrated into the production line to improve the quality of the printing process, subsequently reduce...

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