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Photosynthetic Electron Transport

  • Joseph Kuo-Hsiang TangEmail author
  • Robert E. Blankenship
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Photosynthetic electron transport describes the process of light-induced electron transport for generating chemical energy and reducing equivalents in phototrophic organisms.


Photosynthesis is the ultimate source of our food and most energy sources on Earth, and photosynthetic organisms use solar energy to drive the synthesis of biomass and biofuels. Photosynthetic electron transport is the first stage of photosynthesis that produces chemically stored energy and uses solar photons to drive electron transport against a thermodynamic gradient. The electron transport pathway and the coupled chemiosmotic gradient generate high energy chemicals, such as ATP and reducing equivalents (Blankenship 2014). Both oxygen-evolving phototrophs, including cyanobacteria, algae and plants, and anoxygenic (non-oxygen-evolving) phototrophic bacteria are also known. In all cases the anoxygenic organisms contain a single photosystem. While...

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