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Fluid Sexuality

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The term “fluid sexuality/sexual fluidity” has many denotations, such as sexuality is not fixed but unstable; sexuality is not innate but a matter of choice; sexuality doesn’t exist and there are only preferences (Sexuality is Fluid 2015); and so on and so forth. The contemporary psychologists and religious gurus provide explanations to sexual fluidity, and they emphasize that it is not only fluid but also a complex field (Sexuality n.d.). The Hindu philosophy has a concept Tritiya Prakriti “third nature” (also the term employed for “third sex” and “third gender”), which includes people with different sexual orientations, including transgenders, transsexuals, masculine females, effeminate males, androgynes, intersexed, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and alike. The Tritiya Prakritican roughly be translated as pansexual in English. To understand sexual fluidity, psychiatrists have devised sexual orientation grids, which divide sexual orientation into different categories...

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