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Nell-Breuning, Oswald von

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Oswald von Nell-Breuning was an important Catholic theologian, political economist, and philosopher. He is considered to be the originator of modern Catholic social doctrine including its three core principles: personality, subsidiarity, and solidarity. Particularly, the principle of subsidiarity is of great importance for the relationship between state and civil society in several European countries since it obliges the state to give privilege to civil society organizations over public and commercial providers in the production of person-based welfare services.

Basic Biographical Information

Oswald von Nell-Breuning was born 1890 in Trier, Germany, to an old-established noble dynasty.

He studied mathematics, theology, and philosophy in Munich. In 1911, he entered the Society of Jesus and was ordained priest in 1921. After his graduation to the doctor of theology at the University of Münster, he became professor for moral theology, canon law, and sociology in 1928 at the...

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