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2020 Edition
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Urban Air Pollution and Environmental Health

  • Svetlana StanišićEmail author
  • Andreja Stojić
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Ambient air pollution refers to a mixture of chemical species and particulate matter originating from diverse anthropogenic and/or natural sources, as well as complex atmospheric processes.

The current growth of global population and economy mainly relies on the combustion of fossil fuels and discarding products, which leads to a rapid depletion of the planet’s finite valuable resources and huge amounts of waste. As one of the results of such rapid economic growth, the world might face fossil fuel exhaustion within the next 50–100 years (Chapman 2007). The issue most closely linked to the combustion of fossil fuels is air pollution. From the pre-industrial era to the present day, shifts in anthropogenic emissions and global temperature have affected the atmospheric composition (Fang et al. 2013) to such an extent that air pollution has become an evident threat to the mechanisms which regulate life on our planet. Today, around 90% of the world’s population inhabits the...

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