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Continuous Queries

  • Martin HirzelEmail author
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A continuous query in an SQL-like language is a declarative query on data streams expressed in a query language for streams derived from the SQL for databases.


Just like data that is stored in a relational database can be queried with SQL, data that travels in a stream can be queried with an SQL-like query language. For databases, the relational model and its language, SQL, have been successful because the relational model is a foundation for clean and rigorous mathematical semantics and because SQL is declarative, specifying what the desired result is without specifying how to compute it (Garcia-Molina et al. 2008). However, the classic relational model assumes that data resides in relations in a database. When data travels in a stream, such as for communications, sensors, automated trading, etc., there is a need for continuous queries. SQL dialects for continuous queries fill this...

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