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SciDB is a distributed database management system for managing and processing multidimensional arrays in scientific applications. It was first designed and developed by a group of academics led by Michael Stonebraker before being productized by Paradigm4.


The first XLDB workshop (1st Extremely Large Databases Workshop 2007) in 2007 brought together a group of scientists and industry members to discuss the capabilities of database management systems (DBMSs) at managing non-relational data at extreme scales. A number of key shortcoming were identified, which were presented the following year at XLDB-2 (2nd Extremely Large Databases Workshop 2008). The lack of support for managing scientific data was in particular discussed. Consensus emerged that many Big Science projects presented unique challenges that could not be handled through generic DBMSs and would require a complete rewrite approach (Stonebraker et al. 2007).

As a result, a group of scientists led by Michael...
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