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  • Zacharias Voulgaris
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Overview of the Julia Project and Historical Context

The inception of Julia was by Jeff Bezanson and his adviser, Prof. Alan Edelman, when the former was doing his PhD thesis at MIT. However, the project soon gathered momentum that went beyond that particular thesis encouraging more individuals to join it, contributing to it in various ways. Soon, Stefan Karpinski and Viral B. Shah undertook key roles in the project and turned this into a group effort.

The idea behind Julia was to have a programming language that is high-level (and therefore easy to prototype in), while at the same time exhibit high performance, comparable to that of low-level languages, such as C and Fortran. Such a programming language would solve the two-language problem, which involves creating a script in a high-level language in order to prove a concept and then translating it into a low-level language to put that program in production. Even at its first stages, Julia managed to do that, though the lack of...

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