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2019 Edition
| Editors: Sherif Sakr, Albert Y. Zomaya

Hybrid Systems Based on Traditional Database Extensions

  • Yuanyuan TianEmail author
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A hybrid system based on traditional database extensions refers to a federated system between Hadoop and an enterprise data warehouse (EDW). In such a system, a query may need to combine data stored in both Hadoop and an EDW.


The co-existence of Hadoop and enterprise data warehouses (EDWs), together with the new application requirement of correlating data stored in both systems, has created the need for a special federation between Hadoop-like big data platforms and EDWs. This entry presents the motivation behind such hybrid systems, highlights the unique challenges of building them, surveys existing hybrid solutions, and finally discusses potential future directions.


More and more enterprises today start to embrace Hadoop-like big data technologies to process huge volumes of data and drive actionable insights. The Hadoop Distributed File System...

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