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Privacy Cube

  • Jhalak HotaEmail author
  • Deepak Puthal
  • Abhay Kumar Samal
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The individual or organizations involved in a social network.


Thoughts expressed by the actors.


Either a group of people who are the author or about the people mentioned in the post.


Place of origin or about what the post is. Place of interest of the individual or where they belongs to.


Time of the post or the time frame the post talks about. Time frame of the people involved.

Privacy coordinate:

A Cartesian coordinate system that uses people, place, and time as its axes. These three parameters act like the basis through which post/actors are defined.


Vulnerability due to social, religious, or some other factors.


A view or opinion that is held or expressed.

Privacy in Social Networks

Web 2.0 provides a two-way knowledge and information sharing platform. Many of these information of the Web 2.0 may lead different types of...

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