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Geo-replication Models

  • Mahsa NajafzadehEmail author
  • Suresh Jagannathan
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Geo-replication copies data in multiple data centers or sites across the globe, in order to bring data closer to the clients. Users can access a nearby data center, and perform operations locally, if possible. This local access improves latency by avoiding the high cost of network latency between data centers and increases availability in the presence of failures (Corbett et al. 2012; DeCandia et al. 2007; Shapiro et al. 2011; Lloyd et al. 2011). For instance, the data for a bank account can be replicated at the bank’s branches in different locations around the world. A bank user can access a local branch and perform transactions.


Geo-replication models have emerged as an important technique for distributed applications over the Internet, such as cloud computing. Wide area network (WAN) communication becomes a fundamental barrier for developing the large-scale Internet-based...

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