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TPCx-HS is the first industry standard Big Data benchmark for objectively measuring the performance and price/performance of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark compatible software distributions. It stresses both the hardware and software stacks including the operating system, execution engine (MapReduce or Spark), and Hadoop Filesystem API compatible layers. TPCx-HS can be used to assess a broad range of system topologies and implementation methodologies in a technically rigorous and directly comparable, vendor-neutral manner.

Historical Background

Up until 2007, Jim Gray defined, sponsored, and administered a number of sort benchmarks (Anon et al. 1985) available to the general community. These include Minute Sort, Gray Sort, Penny Sort, Joule Sort, Datamation Sort, and TeraByte Sort. TeraByte Sort measures the amount of time taken (in minutes) to sort 1 TB (1012 bytes) of data.

In 2009, Owen O’Malley and others...

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