Obstructive Uropathy in Critically Ill Cancer Patients

  • Chukwuma O. Kalu
  • Ala AbudayyehEmail author
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A range of retroperitoneal, metastatic, and pelvic malignancies cause urinary tract obstruction via direct spread or extrinsic compression of the urinary tract, particularly the ureters. Urinary tract obstruction, secondary to malignancy, poses a myriad of challenges to the health practitioner due to significant morbidities arising from acute kidney injury and end-stage renal disease. There is a crucial need to alleviate acute symptoms and preserve renal function via catheterization, stents, or surgery while addressing the primary disease. This chapter provides an available up to date data on this oncologic emergency and its management.


Urinary tract obstruction Obstructive uropathy BK virus Retroperitoneal fibrosis Bladder outlet obstruction Percutaneous nephropathy Hydronephrosis Acute kidney injury 


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