Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology

2018 Edition
| Editors: Peter T. Bobrowsky, Brian Marker


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Tubular structures inserted into a well or borehole or within borings for emplacement of piles.

Casing has many applications in engineering geology. Well and borehole casing is a steel tubular pipe installed underneath the ground surface to access, extract, and transport natural resources from deep formations. Pile casing can serve as a permanent structural member to resist and transfer vertical and horizontal loads from superstructure to founding soil or rock. The term is also used in relation to pipelines but this entry focusses on wells, boreholes, and piles.

Well Casing

Different well and borehole casings are specially designed, installed, and operated for various applications in the energy and environmental engineering sectors. Conventional well casings can be used to access and extract oil, gas, or water from deep reservoirs. In some tight reservoirs where the permeability is in a range of nano Darcies, stimulation techniques such as hydraulic fracturing may be...

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