Patent Trends in Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Materials

  • Priya Anish MathewsEmail author
  • Swati Koonisetty
  • Sanjay Bhardwaj
  • Papiya Biswas
  • Roy Johnson
  • Padmanabham Gadhe
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Ceramics due to their good mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties are one of the sought-after engineering materials. These materials cater to wide applications ranging from household pottery to advanced aerospace and other strategic applications. Owing to their unique properties such as high structural stability, resistance to corrosion, compatibility with other printing materials, and high strength, ceramics are considered as a promising material for additive manufacturing for development of various parts; products; components related to medical and dental implants; aircraft components; architectural, aesthetic, or decorative purposes; mechanical and metallurgical applications; etc. This chapter attempts to review the current state-of-the-art and latest trends in the field of additive manufacturing of ceramics through patents, with a special focus on ceramic materials for aerospace and strategic applications. Recent advancements and progress in the field of additive manufacturing of ceramics and methods thereof from a patent viewpoint have been presented in terms of patent landscapes, themes, and trends generated using important parameters such as patenting timelines, priority applications, key players, etc. From the patent landscaping and review, it is noted that additive manufacturing of ceramics has progressed tremendously in Asia when compared to other regions of the world. Three-dimensional printing of ceramic materials has been widely accepted by the healthcare sector especially dentistry and orthopedics, and 3D printing is also making its mark in aerospace industry. Innovations in ceramic-based composite materials suitable for additive manufacturing are on the rise owing to their adaptability, suitability, and mechanical properties for high-end applications.


Ceramics Additive manufacturing 3D printing Three-dimensional printing Patenting trend Patent landscaping 3D printing of ceramics Composites 


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