Non-odontogenic Bacterial Infections

  • Agnieszka M. FrydrychEmail author
  • Camile S. Farah
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Non-odontogenic bacterial infections are not commonly seen in contemporary oral medicine practice, but there is a worldwide resurgence of these conditions, and they have become more important in differential diagnosis and can pose a significant health problem for both patients and clinicians. Given the widespread etiology and pathophysiology of such bacterial infections, it is prudent that the oral medicine specialist is well aware and familiar with these diseases and their treatment regimens. This chapter explores sexually transmitted conditions such as syphilis and gonorrhea, and cutaneous infections such as leprosy, impetigo, erysipelas, and cat-scratch disease, in addition to granulomatous and suppurative conditions such as tuberculosis, nocardiosis, and actinomycosis. Bacterial sialadenitis, rhinosinusitis, and pharyngotonsillitis are also explored in significant depth.


Bacterial infections Non-odontogenic infections Syphilis Impetigo Leprosy Diphtheria Actinomycosis Gonorrhea Tuberculosis Sialadenitis Sinusitis 


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