Orofacial Pain in Patients with Cancer and Mucosal Diseases

  • Noam YaromEmail author
  • Herve Sroussi
  • Sharon Elad
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Orofacial pain is an important aspect of cancer, antineoplastic treatment, and oral mucosal diseases. It often serves as the key for diagnosis and the initiation of treatment. Pain management is an essential component of successful treatment of oral manifestations of the underlying disease, and it often serves as the desired primary outcome. Treatment of pain associated with oral mucosal diseases is first and foremost directed at the source of the symptoms rather than pain itself. The clinician should be aware of the importance of pain assessment and consider pain palliation as part of the overall management of the patient’s well-being. This chapter reviews aspects of pain experienced by cancer patients and pain associated with oral cancer and oral mucosal diseases. Also reviewed are the clinical aspects of orofacial pain assessment, monitoring, and management. Finally, this chapter highlights the role of the healthcare provider in early detection of pain syndromes associated with malignancies.


Cancer Pain Mucositis Osteonecrosis of the jaw Postsurgical pain Chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity Breakthrough pain Oral mucosa Recurrent aphthous stomatitis Pemphigus vulgaris Lichen planus 


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