Pediatric Oral Medicine

  • Anastasia GeorgiouEmail author
  • Angus Cameron
  • Ramesh Balasubramaniam
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The presentation of oral lesions and conditions in children, although most often benign, can be a significant event resulting in the need to seek professional advice. The initial presentation may be for an opinion with a general medical practitioner or at a hospital emergency department with appropriate assessment made in that setting but often with no definitive diagnosis. It is not unusual for the child to have seen their general medical practitioner or dentist prior to seeing a specialist pediatric dentist or oral medicine specialist. The skill set of both can often be required for diagnosis and management of the child.


Pediatric oral medicine Pediatric patient Viral infections Fungal infections Infant Developmental anomalies Orofacial granulomatosis Vascular tumors Vascular malformations Hemangioma Sleep disordered breathing 


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