Odontogenic Pathology

  • Takashi TakataEmail author
  • Mutsumi Miyauchi
  • Ikuko Ogawa
  • Alan Mighell
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Various pathologies affect the tooth and tooth-forming apparatus such as developmental anomalies, bacterial and nonbacterial tooth injuries, inflammation, cysts, and neoplasms. In this chapter, we describe representative odontogenic disorders, with a particular focus on odontogenic cysts and tumors. To understand the pathogenesis of these conditions, clinicians must have a basic understanding of odontogenesis and the morphological and functional characteristics of teeth and related structures.


Odontogenic pathology Developmental dental anomalies Injuries of teeth Dental caries Pulpitis Apical periodontitis Periodontal disease Odontogenic cysts Odontogenic tumors Bone pathology 


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