Soft and Hard Tissue Operative Investigations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Disease

  • Marieke T. BrandsEmail author
  • Ivan Alajbeg
  • Peter A. Brennan
  • Camile S. Farah
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Specialists in oral medicine frequently carry out interventional procedures in the oral cavity. These procedures are usually for diagnostic purposes, but in many instances oral medicine specialists also undertake minor oral surgical procedures as definitive treatment for either mucosal, soft tissue, or hard tissue lesions. This chapter provides an overview of the most common diagnostic procedures used in the oral cavity including soft and hard tissue biopsies. Ancillary techniques such as fine needle aspiration biopsy, the use of fluorescence, toluidine blue, cryotherapy, and lasers are also discussed. Biopsy technique, indications, and pitfalls in addition to medicolegal considerations are covered.


Biopsy Incisional Excisional Fine needle aspiration Cytology Malignancy Oral lesions Diagnostic procedures Surgery Laser Cryotherapy Suturing 


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