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Strategies for Inclusive Urban Renewal

  • Laércio Stolfo MaculanEmail author
  • Leila Dal Moro
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Urban renewal is characterized by changes in physical structure, urban tissue, and the action of economic and social forces. As the city expands, competition for better locations occurs. In addition to this situation, regulations of land use and occupation contribute to the occurrence of different population densities (Couch 1990).

Urban renewal is described as an interventionist activity to transform an urban area by improving its built environment and infrastructure, thereby enhancing the quality of life and provision of social services. It also improves economic conditions and employment opportunities, social and economic characteristics, and the advancement of environmental and ecological conditions as well (Esfahani 2017). Urban renewal is a set of policies and planning practices that address urban problems through government-led redevelopment (Prytherch 2017).


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