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Environmental Ethics and Justice for Sustainable Cities

  • Carla D. Aceves-AvilaEmail author
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Environmental Ethics is concerned with the study of the moral relationship between the human species (Homo sapiens) and the environment, of human responsibility toward nature and its elements, and of the intrinsic value of nature and its nonhuman components (Shrader-Frechette 2015; Brennan and Lo 2016).

Environmental Justice refers mainly to the distribution of environmental equity otherwise put as fair distribution of negative and positive effects (Schlosbergh 2004). It rests on the principle that all people and communities are entitled to equal protection of environmental and public health laws and regulations (Bullard 1996).


Do Sustainable Cities Embed Environmental Justice?

The continuous growth of cities poses enormous challenges as urban sprawls imprint consequences both in the lives of their dwellers and in the lives of the rest of the population that does not live in cities. Constant...

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