Responsible Research and Innovation

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Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

It is a term which is widely used by European Union with regard to research, innovation, and industry that are linked with technological advancement programs. It is part of the overall goals which are part of Horizon 2020.

RRI Governance

It is a movement which considers that research and innovation must aim at solving problems of society. It is based on the idea that the research should be led with the ethical and moral goals in perspective.

Horizon 2020

It is the biggest research and innovation program of the European Union, wherein over $80 billion of funding will be provided over a span of 7 years from 2014 to 2020. RRI is an important part of this program.


Research refers to scientific and systematic method to discover new knowledge, new processes, new technologies, or new ways of doing something. Research aims to add something to our pool of knowledge and...

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