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Data Protection

  • M. Nazrul IslamEmail author
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Information: Anything that contains something which is timely delivered and will be useful to an audience.

Data: Binary bits stored on a digital media and processed by a processor. The bits can represent different types of information, text, audio, image, video, depending upon the software tool used to process the data.

Data security: Protection of digital data from unauthorized access, unintended modification, or fabrication, and ensuring safe delivery to authorized recipients.

Data breach: Unauthorized access to data.

Hardware: Digital devices that process, transmit, and store binary data.

Software: Programming codes that process binary data.


We are living in a digital society where all our personal, social and professional activities involve either generation, processing, or storage of digital data. Every organization, small or large, private or federal, technical or nontechnical, deals with a huge amount of digital data, which contains either confidential,...


Data breach Data security Data availability Data management Top secret data 
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