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The Internet (Deep and Dark Web)

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The Internet is a global computer network that interconnects over 23 billion digital devices (Statista 2018). Originally intended to interconnect just a few hundred mainframe computers in universities and corporate and government labs, the Internet now enables desktops, laptops, cell phones, and just about anything that contains a processor to access information or connect with other devices anywhere in the world. Often categorized as the Internet of Things (IoT), in recent years billions of devices such as consumer appliances, sensors, and even medical devices have been connecting to the Internet. These devices soon will outnumber computers (Tung 2017a). Estimates show that by 2020 there will be four devices connected to the Internet for every person on Earth (Tung 2017b).

The Internet is, however, much more than a physical global network for interconnecting devices. The Internet also provides the essential services that allow software applications and devices to function...

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