Laser Surface Micro-Nano Structuring via Hybrid Process

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In this chapter, a comprehensive review of laser surface micro-nano structuring via hybrid processes is presented. Special focus is paid on the combination of laser processing techniques with non-laser-based approaches. The strategy with laser processing followed by chemical growth or chemical etching approaches is presented. In addition, laser processing of nanoparticles, surface structures, as well as thin films together with other approaches are also presented. A description on the fabrication of micro-nano structures via femtosecond laser direct writing and their subsequent assembly driven by certain forces is also made. Accompanying different hybrid processes, representative surface micro-nano structures being produced together with their unique properties and applications are introduced. Laser processing is a programmable non-contact process, with multiple variables tunable in broad ranges, which makes it very flexible and adaptive for fabricating desired micro-nano structures on various materials and components. Further through the hybrid processes, more complicated architectures, smaller geometrical features, and higher productivities can be achieved, opening up new opportunities for producing complex micro-nano structures which are quite difficult or even not possible by individual processes.


Laser processing Laser ablation Laser deposition Femtosecond laser Surface micro-nano structures Chemical growing Chemical etching Hybrid process Functionalization 


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