Laser Interactions with Organic/Polymer Materials

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Laser light irradiation of organic or polymeric materials leads to a wide range of controlled physical and chemical modifications in the micro- and nanoscales. Laser pulses, with wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the infrared, with duration in nanosecond, picosecond, and femtosecond temporal domains, may remove material from the surface by ablation, induce swelling of the irradiated region, or generate patterns of different sizes and geometries, using methods which involve multiple laser beams or nanoparticle-mediated effects. Laser-induced chemical modifications of organic or polymeric substrates are at the basis of very important and technologically relevant processes such as laser lithography, fabrication of nanocomposites, or 3D photopolymerization. Laser irradiation also serves for transferring organic and polymeric materials from bulk to thin films, and different advanced techniques have been applied, or specifically developed, for polymeric soft, light-sensitive materials, as is the case of pulsed laser deposition, laser-induced forward transfer, or matrix-assisted methods. This chapter introduces the most important laser irradiation and laser transfer techniques that are nowadays applied to organic and polymeric materials, describes some of the attempts to interpret and model the main underlying mechanisms, and reviews relevant applications of the laser-modified substrates.


Polymers Laser ablation Laser interference patterning Laser-induced periodic surface structures Laser foaming Laser cleaning Photopolymerization Pulsed laser deposition Matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation Laser-induced forward transfer 



Thanks are given to Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MCIU) for funding under the project CTQ2016-75880-P. E.R. also thanks the tenure of a Ramón y Cajal contract (No. RYC-2011-08069). M.C. acknowledges support from Project PRX18/00029 (MCIU).


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