Dictionary of Contact Allergens: Chemical Structures, Sources, and References

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  • Christophe J. Le Coz
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This chapter has been written in order to familiarize the reader with the chemical structure of the main chemicals involved in contact dermatitis, mainly as haptens responsible for allergic contact dermatitis. For each molecule, the principal name is used for classification. The most important synonym(s), the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number that characterizes the substance and its chemical structure, have been listed. The reader will find one or more relevant literature references. As it was not possible to be exhaustive, some allergens have been omitted since they were either obsolete, extremely rarely implicated in occupational contact dermatitis, their case reports were too imprecise, or they are extensively treated in other chapters of the textbook. From a practical chemical point of view, acrylates, cyanoacrylates and (meth)acrylates, cephalosporins, and parabens have been grouped together.


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