Phototoxic Dermatitis

  • Margarida GonçaloEmail author
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Phototoxicity is more frequent than photoallergy, but it is not always easy to distinguish between these two patterns of photosensitivity.

Phytophotodermatitis from plants containing furocoumarins is one of the main causes of phototoxic contact dermatitis.

Topical and systemic drugs are a frequent cause of photosensitivity, often with phototoxic aspects.

The main clinical pattern of acute phototoxicity is an exaggerated sunburn, but bullae, purpura, pseudoporphyria, photoonycholysis, and dyschromia can also occur.

Exposure to phototoxic drugs is increasingly associated with enhanced skin carcinogenesis.


Photosensitivity Phototoxicity Photoallergy Drug photosensitivity Phytophotodermatitis 


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