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2018 Edition
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Historical Background

The CDK11A and CDK11B kinases (cyclin-dependent kinase 11A and B), formerly known as PITSLRE protein kinases, are serine/threonine protein kinases that belong to p34CDC2-related protein kinase superfamily. p34CDC2-related kinases play essential roles in many aspects of the cellular processes, especially cell cycle control and the regulation of transcription. There are two CDK11 genes in humans (CDK11A and CDK11B formerly known as CDC2L2 and CDC2L1), and one CDK11 gene in mouse (Cdk11, previously known as cdc2l) (Malumbres et al. 2009). CDK11 genes are evolutionarily conserved. CDK11 homologs are found in human, mouse, rat, frog, cattle, fruit fly, yeast, and even in protozoa amoeba (Trembley et al. 2004; Goldberg et al. 2006). The almost...

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