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2018 Edition
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  • Mayuko Ichimura
  • Atsuko Nakanishi
  • Yasuko Kitagishi
  • Satoru MatsudaEmail author
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 RUFY1: FYVE-finger containing protein; Rab4a interacting protein; Rab4aip; Rabip4; RUN and FYVE domain-containing 1; ZFYVE12

 RUFY2: Denn; KIAA1537; LZ-FYVE; Rabip4R; RABIP4R; RUN and FYVE domain-containing 2; ZFYVE13

 RUFY3: RIPX; Rap2 interacting protein X; RUN and FYVE domain-containing 3; SINGAR1; Single axon-related 1; ZFYVE30

 RUFY4: RUN and FYVE domain-containing 4; ZFYVE31

Historical Background

The RUFY proteins ( RUN and FYVE domain-containing protein family) have an amino-terminal RUN domain and a carboxyl-terminal FYVE domain, which associates with phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate (PI3P) in early endosomes (Yang et al. 2002). As shown in Fig. 1, genome DNA analyses have revealed that a RUFY family consists of four members of RUFY proteins (Yoshida et al. 2010). The RUN domains, named from RPIP8, UNC-14, and NESCA proteins, might function as effectors of the small GTPase superfamily (MacDonald et al. 2004). For example, yeast two-hybrid assays for Rab binding...
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