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PITX2 (Pituitary Homeobox Gene 2)

  • Diego FrancoEmail author
  • Amelia Aranega
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 Arp1;  Brx1;  Munc30;  Otlx2;  Ptx2;  Rieg

Historical Background

PITX2 belongs to the bicoid class of homeodomain transcription factors, which play essential roles in embryonic development and disease. Pioneered evidences reported by Semina et al. (1996) identified 4q25 translocations association with Rieger syndrome, a human pathological condition characterized by underdevelopment of the teeth, mild craniofacial abnormalities, and distinct eye defects, especially glaucoma. These authors isolated an mRNA transcript with a predicted 271-amino acid protein and named it as RIEG gene. RIEG showed high homology with the PITX1 protein, differing by only two residues, and thus was later dubbed PITX2. Soon thereafter, Gage and Camper (1997) identified PITX2 (RIEG) gene in an adult mouse pituitary gland screen for novel homeobox genes and reported two alternatively spliced mRNA products, namely, PITX2A and PITX2B. Soon thereafter, using a differential display method, Arakawa et al. (1998...

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