Pathology of the Pleura and Mediastinum

2018 Edition
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Chondrosarcoma, Pleural

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Chondrosarcomas arising primarily from the pleura are exceedingly rare. In general, primary extraskeletal chondrosarcomas are uncommon and usually arise from deep soft tissues of the extremities including the thigh and popliteal fossa. Even more uncommonly, primary extraskeletal chondrosarcomas arise within the thorax including the trachea, peripheral bronchi, and lung (Yellin et al. 1983; Arevalo et al. 1986; Sun et al. 1982; Jazy et al. 1984; Salmimen et al. 1990; Daniels et al. 1967; Fallahnejad et al. 1973; Zhou et al. 2012). Only four case reports of primary extraskeletal chondrosarcomas arising from the pleura have been reported to date (Bailey and Head 1990; Jain et al. 2011; Luppi et al. 1996; Goetz et al. 1992).

A pleural chondrosarcoma was reported in a 70-year-old woman found to have multiple visceral and parietal pleural nodules, the largest measuring 9 cm (Bailey and Head 1990). This low-grade tumor contained well-differentiated chondrocytes in lacunae with atypical...

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