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Spatial Data Mining

  • Shuliang WangEmail author
  • Tisinee Surapunt
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The growth of spatial data which plays a part in the agricultural products, sustainable development, and human society development is accumulated continuously. Not only the size and volume are immense, the structure is also convoluted with the abundant and deep of their contents. The spatial dataset is full of the information and experience collection from geomatics that relates to Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS). A wide variety of databases consist of electronic maps and planning network from their infrastructure. With the increase in the spatial data collection, the processes of gathering, management, and transmission data require the powerful techniques. The traditional methods lag of the ability of big data query. Thus, the Spatial Data Mining (SDM) becomes the suitable technique. The Knowledge Discovery from Geographical Information System database (KDG) approach can support...

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