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Data Longevity and Compatibility

  • Behrooz ParhamiEmail author
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Whether stored locally or in the cloud, data ultimately resides on physical media that are subject to electrical and physical deterioration and format obsolescence, making it necessary to augment the physical storage of data with a logical organization to protect data integrity and ensure its longevity.


Like many other attributes of computing and digital systems, the volume of data produced in the world is rising exponentially (Denning and Lewis 2016; Hilbert and Gomez 2011), with a growth rate that is even higher than those of circuit density and processor performance, modeled by Moore’s law (Brock and Moore 2006). A few exabytes of data generation per day in the early 2010s is slated to rise to many yottabytes in the 2020s (Cisco Systems 2017; Jacobson 2013). As data gains ever-greater value in the operation of social and business enterprises, data management, integrity, and preservation...

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