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Network Big Data Security Issues

  • Niranjan K. Ray
  • Biswaranjan Acharya
  • Anil Kumar Swain
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  • Mobile ad hoc network (MANET): It is a type of wireless networks which is most suitable for environment where establishing other types of networks are neither possible nor advisable. A node in MANETs performs the role of both host as well as router.

  • Cloud computing: It is a type of Internet-based computing platform, where different services such as storage, database, integration, security, and management are delivered to computers and devices through the internet. It stores and maintains the data in a cloud data center. Cloud center usually supports more numbers of users, applications, and data.

  • Internet of things (IoT): It is the collection of different things (physical gadgets, vehicles, home machines, etc.) inserted with hardware, programming, sensors, and actuators. It can be acknowledged in three standards: web situated (middleware), things arranged (sensors), and semantic-arranged (information).


Today a wide range of wireless products are available in the...


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