The Human Trafficking of Men: The Forgotten Few

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Human trafficking is an important humanitarian issue that demands continued attention from the international community. A review of the available literature in relation to human trafficking reveals a clear emphasis in regard to understanding and documenting the issues related to the trafficking of adult females and children. Although it may be argued that there is clear evidence supporting the prioritization of investigating the human trafficking of females and youth, it may also be argued that the investigation of adult male trafficking is comparatively lacking in terms of systematic and empirical attention. This chapter, therefore, aims to explore the issue of adult male human trafficking through the lens of the forgotten few. Through a review of the current literature, this chapter will attempt to clarify what we currently know in relation to the experience of adult male victims of trafficking, the motivations underlying this practice, and the range of specific issues related to trafficked men across a variety of jurisdictions. It is argued that sustained research into the trafficking of men is required to illuminate the forms of exploitation they are exposed to and to inform the development of effective policy and practice to ensure their protection.


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